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About us

Portfolio Growth

We spread your fund to different take your investment, allowing maximium financial growth to all our clients.

Strategy Process

With a very well thought out strategy, we guarantee consistent payout and no risk of capital loss.

Investment Manage

From planning, to analytics, secured system and to great customer support, Our system is well suited to manage your investments and with so much ease.
about us

We are here to help you grow in your finance

Our investment algorithms helps spread your investment in the appropriate percentages across diverse asset classes (stocks and bonds, crytocurrency, real estate, etc) can help maximize your gains and eliminate losses.
Why choose us

There are many people but why choose us

Our approach allows the client to obtain steady returns in all market conditions, while respecting the values of professionalism, transparency and safety, and through the use of innovative zero risk investment techniques.

Expert team

Mendaur works towards the best customer interest and we get paid according to the achieved results.

Best Investment Brand

Mendaur professionals offer the customer their long-standing experience in investments and in financial consulting in every market conditions

Best strategic Ideas

From the very beginning, Mendaur Investments has always used innovative investment strategies based on the macroeconomic analysis of the global financial markets

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